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Ecological memory of daily carbon exchange across the globe and its importance in drylands

How do antecedent (past) conditions influence land-carbon dynamics after those conditions no longer persist? In particular, quantifying such memory effects associated with the influence of past environmental (exogenous) and biological (endogenous) conditions is crucial for understanding and predicting the carbon cycle. Here we show, using data from 42 eddy covariance […]

Data-driven ENZYme (DENZY) model represents soil organic carbon dynamics in forests impacted by nitrogen deposition

Soil microorganisms participate in almost all soil organic carbon (SOC) transformations, but they are not represented explicitly in the current generation of earth system models. This study used a data-driven approach to incorporate extracellular enzyme activity into the Terrestrial ECOsystem (TECO) model, and the updated version was named the Data-driven […]

Luo C model course 2019

Carbon cycle modeling taught by Ecoss

Much of what we know about where carbon will be on the globe in 12, 25 or 100 years is due to innovative predictive modeling tools like the ones researcher Yiqi Luo develops at Northern Arizona University‚Äôs Center for Ecosystem Science and Society (Ecoss). The short course taught by Luo […]