The Center for Ecosystem Science and Society at Northern Arizona University studies how ecosystems respond to and shape environmental and climate change and works to communicate those discoveries in new ways to local and global communities. Collaborating with national laboratories and home to state-of-the-art research facilities, Ecoss trains scientists to apply broad trans-disciplinary thinking and leading-edge methods to the pressing challenges facing Earth.

PhD Candidate Haley Dunleavy bends down to examine some of the ecological diversity of the arctic tundra. She is surrounded by green and yellow flora. There is a glacial lake and mountain range in the distance.
“At Ecoss, I learned that communicating science and making it accessible
is equally as important as conducting research.”

Haley Dunleavy, PhD 2021 (READ MORE)

Audrey Harvey, a Montana State University graduate student in the Department of Land Resources and Environmental Science, makes observations on a research plot of bluebunch wheatgrass on Friday, Oct. 7, 2016, at the MSU Post Agronomy Farm in Bozeman, Mont. MSU Photo by Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez
“Thinking about how we interact with the land has been a lifelong story.”

Audrey Harvey, PhD Candidate (READ MORE)

PhD Candidate Ayla Martinez leads a classroom exercise with her students. Six students stand in front of the classroom with colored illustrations of an ecosystem as other students sit and listen.
“I became interested in helping create a more inclusive science space when I looked around
my higher education classes and didn’t see the very diverse America I grew up in.“

– Ayla Martinez, PhD Candidate (READ MORE)

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