McAllister: Community, Culture, and the Environment

The mission of the McAllister program in Community, Culture, and the Environment (CC&E) is to “enable the arts, cultural, scientific, and environmental institutions of the Colorado Plateau to meet the long-term needs of the communities they serve.” The McAllister program is housed in partnership with the Center for Ecosystem Science and Society (Ecoss), and enables Ecoss to better and more imaginatively serve communities of the region.

Through this partnership, Ecoss seeks opportunities to communicate about science and climate-based concerns with frontline communities and diverse stakeholders. We also work to expand the spaces in and beyond the university that make such conversations both possible and productive.

As stewards of the McAllister Program in Community, Culture, and the Environment, Ecoss aims to:

  • Support work that serves communities in and around the university who are engaged in a spirit of inquiry around environmental science and associated cultural questions and challenges, including climate change;
  • Foster conversations among diverse stakeholders around ecology and climate science, aiming especially to include and amplify voices not traditionally invited to participate in these conversations;
  • Strengthen and nurture existing bridges between NAU and its neighbor communities around environmental questions and challenges;
  • Seek and build new bridges among Colorado Plateau communities that will allow us to more collaboratively and therefore meaningfully address environmental questions and challenges; and
  • Develop and foster cultural opportunities that illumine these questions and extend their luminance and lasting power beyond the campus community.