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Hungate Science on Tap flyer

Bruce Hungate, Ecoss Director, Regents' Professor, and McAllister Chair in Community, Culture, and Environment is presenting in Science on Tap...

"NAU Regents’ Professor Bruce Hungate, director of the Center for Ecosystem Science and Society (Ecoss), recently joined a new initiative lead by LLNL...
science on tap poster

Tonight at 6:30 PM, please join us at The Green Room for "Accurate Passion: Metaphor and Meaning in Scientific Art" with Victor...
leshyk illustration combat antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are widespread and are increasingly associated with human infections.  Inappropriate antibiotic use – both in people and in animals raised...
leshyk illustration biochar

Biochar illustration by Victor O. Leshyk Biochar, a fine-grained carbon residue of charred plant material, has recently been promoted as...
leshyk illustration dollar sign weights

Ecoss research demonstrated that grasslands with more diverse plant species pull down and store more carbon per acre: in this...
leshyk illustration hand tearing grass

In a groundbreaking study, Ecoss research produced a monetary value for biodiversity by demonstrating that having more diverse plant species...
leshyk illustration stable isotope probing

Measuring the growth rates of individual bacteria taxa within a mixed sample gives a powerful view of the moving parts...
leshyk illustration single and multiple pulse

Native soil carbon (C) can be lost in response to fresh C inputs, via the “priming effect,” a phenomenon observed...
leshyk illustration big rip off pollution

Pollution scenarios and anthropogenic warming are familiar examples of human-caused stress on the environment.  But human-driven loss of biodiversity itself...
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