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norma rivera core from aspen tree in alaska

Nitrogen isotopes in tree rings record the history of the nitrogen cycle—the critical nutrient that limits growth in many US...
leshyk illustration biochar

Biochar illustration by Victor O. Leshyk Scientists believe that biochar, the partially burned remains of plants, has been used as...
leshyk illustration rhizosphere

A future is depicted in which rhizobacteria sourced from stressful areas around the world may be used as a metaphorical...
natasja van gestel lecturing in classroom

Dr. Natasja van Gestel Dr. Natasja van Gestel presents research regarding the effects of climate change on the Antarctic ecosystem at...
cover for oecologia

Oecologia Giant Sequoia trees can be thousands of years old, are the most massive organisms on Earth, and reach astounding heights. But they...
cover page for biannual report

Bi-annual report Ecoss Jan-Jun 2016 Members of the Center of Ecosystem Science and Society (Ecoss) have been very productive in...
science in the park

Science in the Park, Flagstaff 2016 Water plus soil makes mud, right? It’s definitely mud when it’s on the kitchen...
Northern Arizona University campus in the summer showing buildings in the foreground and the Peaks in the background

Northern Arizona University campus in the summer. Copyright NAU Marketing PhD and MS positions in Ecosystem Ecology are available in...
permafrost landscape in toolik alaska

Scientists who study climate and ecosystems in the Arctic have weighed in on future changes in the region affecting soils, streams...