Postdoc position in ECOSS in quantitative ecology and microbial genomics

Published by Christina Schaedel on

Ecooss is looking for a new postdoc. The postdoctoral research associate will conduct research at the interface between quantitative ecology and microbial genomics. The postdoc will use tools in bioinformatics, statistics, ecological modeling, as well as laboratory and field experiments, to develop new quantitative models describing how microorganisms grow and interact in the environment. The postdoc will also use existing tools developed within Ecoss to analyze existing datasets and prepare manuscripts for publication. Work will address topics in the microbiome of soils, aquatic ecosystems, and the human microbiome. The scope of work will depend on the successful applicant’s interests and skills. We seek to recruit a creative thinker, analyst, and writer who will work at the cutting edge of microbial ecology to quantitatively integrate genomic and experimental data. The postdoc will collaborate with a large and interactive team working in quantitative microbial ecology. The postdoc will participate in Ecoss activities, including regularly scheduled seminars and working groups.

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