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Portrait of Kiona Ogle

Dr. Ogle’s research focuses on developing a mechanistic understanding of how plants and ecosystems are affected by environmental variability, including...
Yiqi LLuo headshot

Yiqi Luo conducts research mainly in areas of ecosystem ecology, global change biology, biogeochemistry, ecological modeling, and Earth system science. He has...
Chang Gyo Headshot

Understanding how ecosystem response to future climate change become more critical issue for ecological study. Mostly, ecosystem carbon cycle is...
richardson headshot

Professor Richardson is an ecologist whose research addresses the impacts of global change on terrestrial ecosystems, and the feedbacks between...
Enqing Headshot

Phosphorus (P) is a major nutrient for plant growth. And P in soil is mainly derived from parent rock. Phosphorus...
guopeng liang headshot

Guopeng’s graduate work involves exploring the response of carbon cycle to altered precipitation amount and interannual variation in desert grassland...
junhui li headshot

Li’s research centers on soil microbial ecology and carbon biogeochemistry in the context of climate change, by looking into the...
Mariah Carbone headshot

Carbone is interested in the response of terrestrial ecosystems to environmental change, and their role in the Earth’s climate system.  Her research...

Drought, a recurring phenomenon with major impacts on both human and natural systems, is the most widespread climatic extreme that...
science on tap poster

Tonight at 6:30 PM, please join us at The Green Room for "Accurate Passion: Metaphor and Meaning in Scientific Art" with Victor...
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