Suggested Activities


The goal of this challenge is to encourage people to participate in diversity-related events and to actively think about and discuss how to create a more inclusive work environment in Ecoss. There are plenty of ways for your team to earn points (see below for suggested activities). Remember to regularly email your team’s points to Samantha ( and include names of each participant and the activity completed.

Suggested Diversity Activities

Self-directed Workshops (10 points for organizer, 5 bonus points to organizer if opened to people outside team, 2 points for each participant)

The Equity and Access Office on campus has materials available to facilitate self-directed workshops on a variety of topics that would be suitable for small groups. If you have a lab (or other small group) that would like to lead your own workshop, you can contact Priscilla Mills (

Join a Diversity Commission (5 points for each meeting)

Commissions typically meet monthly and cover a variety of topics. For a descriptions of the available commissions, visit: For dates/locations of meetings, visit:

Trainings through the NAU Office of Inclusion (5 points each)

In order to take the following classes, you need to register through Louie. 

  • SafeZone 101 and 102: Increase awareness of how to foster an inclusive environment for the LGBTQ community.
  • Inclusion Zone 101 and 102: Facilitates understanding of frequently used concepts such as diversity, equity, and social justice through the lens of race and racism. Throughout the training, participants will be asked to reflect on their own identities and challenge their daily practices to begin a journey of critical consciousness.
  • DREAM Zone 101: Interactive workshop to introduce participants to issues and challenges facing the undocumented community that focuses on how we can express solidarity and support undocumented members of our NAU community.
  • Anti-Bias Training

Attend Campus Events (3 points each)

The Center for University Access and Inclusion maintains a calendar of campus diversity events. Also check out the NAU Events calendar.

Host Small Group Discussion (3 points for facilitator, 1 point for each participant)

Please note that discussions are less intensive than full workshops.

Webinars/Online Training (1 point each)

If you think of activities not listed above, please share with the Ecoss listserv and you can receive 1 point for each thing you share.