Ecoss Diversity Challenge

The goal of the Diversity Challenge is to encourage Ecoss members to actively participate in diversity-related events happening in our community by creating a little friendly competition. Below is a list of available activities with the amount of points that can be earned. This will be a team challenge, and the team with the highest average points will win a special prize. In addition, anyone who participates (earns 1+ points) will be invited to a Diversity Celebration at the end of spring semester. 

What are Diversity Challenge Teams?

Teams should consist of 4-10 people, and at least four people from different positions (undergraduates, grad students, staff, visiting scholars, and faculty). There are two ways to join a team:

  1. You can organize your own team. In order to be entered into the challenge, please register by emailing Samantha ( your team name and a list of all members. 
  2. You can volunteer to be assigned to a team. If you would like to participate, but don’t want to organize your own team, or enjoy the idea of getting to know a wider group of Ecoss colleagues, contact Samantha and she will assign you to a team.

There is no deadline for registering, but the sooner you register, the more opportunities you will have to earn points. 

The challenge starts immediately and ends on April 29, 2019