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Portrait of Egbert Schwartz

Schwartz’s research focuses on the interaction between microbial populations and their environment. He is particularly interested in the relationships between...
The sun as seen through a camera.

Heat waves in Arizona: Do microbial symbionts buffer the effects of heat waves?
Field site in Antarctica with a crate in the foreground and steep mountains in background.

We study soil microbial communities in Antarctica, microbes in hot spring ecosystems in Tengchong, China, methane production at Axel Heiberg...
Northern Arizona University campus in the summer showing buildings in the foreground and the Peaks in the background

Northern Arizona University campus in the summer. Copyright NAU Marketing PhD and MS positions in Ecosystem Ecology are available in...

The efficiency with which microbes use substrate (Carbon Use Efficiency or CUE) to make new microbial biomass is an important...