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Denitrifying and diazotrophic community responses to artificial warming in permafrost and tallgrass prairie soils

Increasing temperatures have been shown to impact soil biogeochemical processes, although the corresponding changes to the underlying microbial functional communities are not well understood. Alterations in the nitrogen (N) cycling functional component are particularly important as N availability can affect microbial decomposition rates of soil organic matter and influence plant […]

Quantifying the timescales over which exogenous and endogenous conditions affect soil respiration

Understanding how exogenous and endogenous factors and above-ground-below-ground linkages modulate carbon dynamics is difficult because of the influences of antecedent conditions. For example, there are variable lags between above-ground assimilation and below-ground efflux, and the duration of antecedent periods are often arbitrarily assigned. Nonetheless, developing models linking above- and below-ground […]

Urban warming advances spring phenology but reduces the response of phenology to temperature in the conterminous United States

Cities and their associated urban heat islands are ideal natural laboratories for evaluating the response of plant phenology to warming conditions. In this study, we demonstrate that the satellite-derived start of season for plants occurred earlier but showed less covariation with temperature in most of the large 85 cities across […]