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Ecoss professor named Regents’ Professor

Andrew Richardson was named Regents’ Professor at NAU, the highest rank a faculty member can achieve. Richardson studies forest science and ecophysiology and is a world-renowned expert in phenology, the study of seasonal rhythms of plants and animals in various ecosystems. Read more at NAU news See Richardson’s full profile […]

Highly cited researchers at Ecoss

Ecoss’s Yiqi Luo and Andrew Richardson and Ecoss affiliate Greg Caporaso (Pathogen and Microbiome Institute) have been named as ‘Highly Cited Researchers’ in 2018 by Clarivate Analytics. The list, drawn from the top 1% of scientific citations over the last decade, offers a benchmark of researchers’ influence within and across 21 scientific fields. Richardson […]

Boreal forest phenology with warming by V. Leshyk

New Ecoss publication shows that warmer temperatures lengthen growing season and increase plants’ vulnerability to frost

New findings published in the journal Nature by Ecoss researcher Andrew Richardson offer some of the first experiment-based evidence that a warmer world will significantly shift ecosystem-wide growing seasons, putting plants at higher risk during extreme temperature swings. Richardson and a team of collaborators conducted a unique experiment in boreal […]

PhenoCam network harnesses ‘big data’ to predict impact of warmer climate on ecosystem productivity and carbon cycling

A new paper by Northern Arizona University professor Andrew Richardson published in the journal Scientific Data describes a vast network of digital cameras designed to capture millions of images documenting seasonal changes of vegetation across North America. The network, dubbed PhenoCam, is the result of a 10-year collaboration between Richardson, who […]