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Scoring The goal of this challenge is to encourage people to participate in diversity-related events and to actively think about and discuss how to create a more inclusive work environment in Ecoss. There are plenty of ways for your team to earn points (see below for suggested activities). Remember to […]

Ecoss Diversity Challenge

The goal of the Diversity Challenge is to encourage Ecoss members to actively participate in diversity-related events happening in our community by creating a little friendly competition. Below is a list of available activities with the amount of points that can be earned. This will be a team challenge, and […]

Core of permafrost with a lens of ice at its deepest end.

Soil Microbial Ecology

Soil microorganisms are biogeochemical forces of global significance. They affect nutrient availability to plants, the amount of carbon stored in soils, and the evolution of the atmosphere over geologic time. The research we conduct in Ecoss examines many aspects of soil microbial ecology. Metabolic Flux Analysis of Soil Microbial Communities […]