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Global change effects on plant communities are magnified by time and the number of global change factors imposed

Accurate prediction of community responses to global change drivers (GCDs) is critical given the effects of biodiversity on ecosystem services. There is consensus that human activities are driving species extinctions at the global scale, but debate remains over whether GCDs are systematically altering local communities worldwide. Across 105 experiments that […]

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Scoring The goal of this challenge is to encourage people to participate in diversity-related events and to actively think about and discuss how to create a more inclusive work environment in Ecoss. There are plenty of ways for your team to earn points (see below for suggested activities). Remember to […]

An integrated phenology modelling framework in R

Abstract Phenology is a first-order control on productivity and mediates the biophysical environment by altering albedo, surface roughness length and evapotranspiration. Accurate and transparent modelling of vegetation phenology is therefore key in understanding feedbacks between the biosphere and the climate system. Here, we present the PHENOR R package and modelling […]

Combining and comparing multiple serial dilution assays of particles in solution: application to brucellosis in elk of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

The concentration detection threshold (CDT) is the concentration of particles in solution beyond which a (serial dilution) assay detects particle presence. By our account, CDTs typically are not estimated but are fixed at some value. Setting a CDT to zero (d=0d=0) implies perfect detection, a common assumption, and setting d>0d>0 […]

An empirical spatiotemporal description of the global surface-atmosphere carbon fluxes: opportunities and data limitations

Understanding the global carbon (C) cycle is of crucial importance to map current and future climate dynamics relative to global environmental change. A full characterization of C cycling requires detailed information on spatiotemporal patterns of surface-atmosphere fluxes. However, relevant C cycle observations are highly variable in their coverage and reporting […]

fossil creek stream restoration

Stream Restoration

Fossil Creek Restoration Can we restore a river after a century of disturbance? Research in the Marks Lab has addressed the following questions: How did native species respond to restoration? Employing a BACI design (Before After Control Impact), we determined the relative importance of flow restoration versus non-native fish removal […]

Detail of Yellow Fremont Cottonwood Leaves in Autumn Stream

Leaf Litter Effects on Stream Ecosystems

As part of a large interdisciplinary team, with funding from the National Science Foundation, we have studied how genetic and environmental factors affect leaf litter quality in cottonwoods and other riparian species, and how these effects are manifest in aquatic ecosystems.