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cover for oecologia

Oecologia Giant Sequoia trees can be thousands of years old, are the most massive organisms on Earth, and reach astounding heights. But they...

Koch's research explores how interactions among organisms regulate and are regulated by the cycling of energy and materials in ecosystems....
Portrait of George Koch

Research Interests Koch’s research focuses on understanding the biophysical and ecological interactions of plants with their environments, including features affected...
Researcher climbing a large redwood tree.

Researcher climbing a large redwood tree. Ecoss studies the interactions of plants with their physical and biotic environments at a...
Artist rendition of wildfire changing the future ecosystem of a forested area

Artist rendition of wildfire changing the future ecosystem of a forested area. Copyright Victor Leshyk Overview Fire, a natural ecological...
Artist's rendering of the Carbon locked up inside a plant's roots.

Overview Over the past several decades, scientists have conducted hundreds of experiments investigating responses of ecosystems to global environmental change....
Core of permafrost with a lens of ice at its deepest end.

Permafrost and ice core Soil microorganisms are biogeochemical forces of global significance. They affect nutrient availability to plants, the amount...
Detail of Yellow Fremont Cottonwood Leaves in Autumn Stream

As part of a large interdisciplinary team, with funding from the National Science Foundation, we have studied how genetic and...
Portrait of Egbert Schwartz

Schwartz’s research focuses on the interaction between microbial populations and their environment. He is particularly interested in the relationships between...
Portrait of Paul_Dijkstra

Research Interests Dijkstra's research focuses on various aspects of climate change effects on terrestrial ecosystems and applications of stable isotopes...
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