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Portrait of Paul_Dijkstra

Research Interests Dijkstra's research focuses on various aspects of climate change effects on terrestrial ecosystems and applications of stable isotopes...
leshyk illustration linking biogeochemistry

Overview The identities of organisms profoundly influence ecosystems, and microbial diversity is vast. The obvious disconnect between this diversity and...
Artist's rendering of the Carbon locked up inside a plant's roots.

Overview Over the past several decades, scientists have conducted hundreds of experiments investigating responses of ecosystems to global environmental change....
Experimental array for the Jasper Ridge Global Change research project showing heat lamps and measurement equipment

Experimental array for the Jasper Ridge Global Change research project Overview Most global change research focuses on individual components, but...
Core of permafrost with a lens of ice at its deepest end.

Permafrost and ice core Soil microorganisms are biogeochemical forces of global significance. They affect nutrient availability to plants, the amount...
Photo of postdoctoral scientist Natasja van Gestel

 Van Gestel's research focuses on quantitative global change ecology, from biogeochemical cycles to biodiversity to sustainable agriculture. She uses a...
Portrait of Kees Jan van Groenigen

Van Groenigen's research focuses on how management practices and changes in atmospheric conditions affect the flow of C and N...
Portrait of Bruce Hungate

Research Interests Hungate’s research focuses on the ecology and management of global change, and microbial ecology from humans to the...

Higher temperatures in northern latitudes will increase permafrost thaw and stimulate above- and belowground plant biomass growth in tundra ecosystems....
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