Volodymyr Saruta

Volodymyr SarutaGraduate Student

September 15, 2017
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Grasslands, Modeling, Carbon Cycle

As an undergraduate student, Volodymyr Saruta conducted research called “Impact of altered precipitation on grassland productivity in Karadag Nature Reserve”. This research was the beginning of Volodymyr’s career as a scientist and provided fundamental, practical knowledge of statistical analysis and field work.

During his masters studies, Volodymyr continued focusing on grassland ecosystems. As a principal investigator of a joint research project, “Nonlinear Response of Ukrainian Grasslands to Altered Precipitation”, which mainly focused on a unique inviolable European steppe ecosystem located at Askania-Nova biosphere reserve, Volodymyr greatly improved his knowledge about Statistical Modeling.

Volodymyr has moved to Kiona Ogle’s Lab.