Volodymyr SarutaGraduate Student

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Grasslands, Modeling, Carbon Cycle vsaruta@nau.edu

As an undergraduate student, Volodymyr Saruta conducted research called “Impact of altered precipitation on grassland productivity in Karadag Nature Reserve”. This research was the beginning of Volodymyr’s career as a scientist and provided fundamental, practical knowledge of statistical analysis and field work.

During his masters studies, Volodymyr continued focusing on grassland ecosystems. As a principal investigator of a joint research project, “Nonlinear Response of Ukrainian Grasslands to Altered Precipitation”, which mainly focused on a unique inviolable European steppe ecosystem located at Askania-Nova biosphere reserve, Volodymyr greatly improved his knowledge about Statistical Modeling.

Volodymyr has moved to Kiona Ogle’s Lab.