Robert L. Sanford, Jr. (Buck)Affiliated Faculty/Professor, Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability

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Portrait of Robert L. Sanford, Jr. (Buck)
Biogeochemistry of alpine, tropical and dryland ecosystems, Paleoecology/land use history,
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Research Interests

Sanford’s research focuses on the biogeochemistry of alpine, tropical and dryland ecosystems, particularly in managed and fire affected environments. In addition, paleoecology/land use history, or how biogeochemical soil ’signatures’ that human populations/cultures have left on landscapes affect present day ecological processes.

Sanford is the 1997 recipient of the Distinguished Scholar Award (University of Denver), and a member of several honors societies: Sigma Xi (1980) and Phi Beta Kappa (2005).

Current Projects

Soil charcoal in Southwestern ponderosa pine forests.