Pete ChuckranGraduate Student

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Metatranscriptomics, Soil biogeochemistry, Metagenomics Drs. Bruce Hungate and Paul Dijkstra
    Research Interests

    Chuckran’s research is largely focused on the gene expression of soil microbial communities during the nitrogen cycle. By isolating the RNA for a soil community, referred to as the metatranscriptome, it is possible to gain an understanding of gene expression at a given time point. Through incubation, greenhouse, and field studies, Chuckran hopes to be able to identify specific genes associated with biogeochemical cycling and environmental stress.

    Full Curriculum Vitae
    Selected Publications:

    Antoninka A,  Bowker MA, Chuckran P, Barger NN, Reed S, Belnap J. 2017. Maximizing establishment and survivorship of field-collected and greenhouse-cultivated biocrusts in a semi-cold desert. Plant and Soil. 3300-3

    Chuckran P​, and Frank D.A. 2013. ​Herbivores regulate the sensitivity of soil organic carbon decomposition to warming. Environmental Research Letters 8: 044013.