Nick LinkGraduate Student

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Wildfires, Climate adaptation, Community succession Dr. Michelle Mack and Dr. Xanthe Walker
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Nick Link is a PhD student in the Mack Lab co-advised by Michelle Mack and Xanthe Walker. He is interested in fire ecology at the landscape scale, and his research focuses on ecologically informed fuel treatments, their capacity to reduce wildfire risk, and downstream ecosystem impacts across Alaska and the Yukon.

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Selected publications

Word, C. S., McLaughlin, D. L., Strahm, B. D., Stewart, R. D., Varner, J. M., Wurster, F. C., Amestoy, T. J., & Link, N. T. (2022). Peatland drainage alters soil structure and water retention properties: Implications for ecosystem function and management. Hydrological Processes, 36(3), e14533.