Mostafa JavadianPostdoctoral Scientist

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Global environmental change; Remote sensing; Plant temperature Andrew Richardson
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Mostafa’s research focuses on understanding the complex responses of the terrestrial biosphere to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide, climate change, and land-use change across broad temporal and spatial scales through the application of multi-scale remote sensing techniques, eddy covariance flux tower measurements, and climate data.

Selected Publications
  1. Javadian, M., Scott, R.L., Biederman, J.A., Zhang, F., Fisher, J.B., Reed, S.C., Potts,
    D.L., Villarreal, M.L., Feldman, A.F., & Smith, W.K. (2023). Thermography captures
    the differential sensitivity of dryland functional types to changes in rainfall event
    timing and magnitude. New Phytologist. 240: 114-126.
  2. Javadian, M., Smith, W.K., Lee, K.; Fisher, J.B., Knowles, J.F., Scott. R.L., Moore,
    D.J.P., Leeuwen, W.V., & Behrangi, A. (2022). Canopy temperature is regulated by
    ecosystem structural traits and captures the ecohydrologic dynamics of a semiarid
    mixed conifer forest site. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 127(2).
  3. Javadian, M., Behrangi, A., Smith, W.K., Fisher, J.B. (2020). Global Trends in
    Evapotranspiration Dominated by Increases across Large Cropland Regions. Remote
    Sensing. 12, 1221.
  4.  Javadian, M., Behrangi, A., & Sorooshian, A. (2019). Impact of drought on dust
    storms: case study over Southwest Iran. Environmental Research Letters, 14(12),
  5. Javadian, M., Behrangi, A., Gholizadeh, M., & Tajrishy, M. (2019). METRIC and
    WaPOR estimates of evapotranspiration over the Lake Urmia Basin: comparative
    analysis and composite assessment. Water, 11(8), 1647.