Michaela HayerResearch Scientist

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Microbial Ecology Michaela.Hayer@nau.edu

    Hayer’s interests include the role of microbial communities in structuring plant communities and vice versa.

    Current Projects
    • Using network analyses to understand how invasion of non-native plants influence microbial community interactions
    • Using quantitative stable isotope probing (qSIP) to investigate microbial responses to environmental perturbation
    Selected Publications

    Schwartz, E., M. Hayer, B.A. Hungate, B.J. Koch, T.A. McHugh, W. Mercurio, E.M. Morrissey, K. Soldanova (2016) Stable isotope probing with 18O-water to investigate microbial growth and death in environmental samples. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 41:14-18.

    Gehring, C.A., M. Hayer, L. Flores-Rentería, A.F. Krohn, E. Schwartz, P. Dijkstra (2016) Cheatgrass invasion alters the abundance and composition of dark septate fungal communities in sagebrush steppe. Botany 94:481-491.

    Morrissey, E.M., R.L. Mau, E. Schwartz, J.G. Caporaso, P. Dijkstra, N. van Gestel, B.J. Koch, C.M. Liu, M. Hayer, T.A. McHugh, J.C. Marks, L.B. Price, B.A. Hungate (2016) Phylogenetic organization of bacterial activity. The ISME Journal

    Morrissey, E.M., T.A. McHugh, L. Preteska, M. Hayer, P. Dijkstra, B.A. Hungate, E. Schwartz (2015) Dynamics of extracellular DNA decomposition and bacterial community composition in soil. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 86:42-49.