Lydia BaileyPostdoctoral Scientist

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Arid lands, Restoration, Soil ecology

    Lydia’s research focuses on improving restoration success in the Mojave Desert, particularly though the use of biological soil crust (biocrust). She is investigating methods for restoring biocrust in highly disturbed soils, and how increased biocrust impacts soil function and vascular plant communities. She also works on developing methods to support the conservation of the beautiful and enigmatic Las Vegas Bearpoppy (Arctomecon californica).

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    Selected Publications

    Collins, C. G., Phillips, M. L., Beals, K., Baliey, L., O’Brien, J., Dhungana, I., & Jech, S. (2022). Mentoring is more than a mentor. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 20(5), 271-271