Karen HaubensakAssociate Research Professor

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Invasions, Restoration, Soil-plant feedbacks, Nutrient dynamics, Mycorrhizal mutualisms, Species interactions, Local adaptation karen.haubensak@nau.edu
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Dr. Haubensak is a field ecologist who works at the interface of communities and ecosystems, examining plant-soil interactions in the context of restoration, biological invasions, and climate change.

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Selected Publications

Grove, S., Haubensak KA, Gehring C, and Parker IM (2017) Mycorrhizae, invasions, and the temporal dynamics of mutualism disruption. Journal of Ecology 105:1496-1508.

Grove S, Haubensak KA, and Parker IM (2017) Do impacts of an invasive nitrogen-fixing shrub on Douglas-fir and its ectomycorrhizal mutualism change over time following invasion? Journal of Ecology 105:1687-1697.

Wright C., Evans A, Haubensak KA, and Grove S. Pile age and burn season influence fuelbed properties, combustion dynamics, fuel consumption, and charcoal formation when burning hand piles. In Press for Forest Ecology and Management.

Kalies EL, Haubensak KA and Finkral AJ (2016) A meta-analysis of management effects on forest carbon storage. Journal of Sustainable Forestry 5:1-3.

Haubensak KA, D’Antonio CM, Embry S, Blank R (2014) A comparison of Bromus tectorum growth and mycorrhizal colonization from salt desert and sagebrush seed sources and soil. Rangeland Ecology and Management 67:275-284.

Grove S, Haubensak KA, Parker IM (2012) Direct and indirect effects of allelopathy in the soil legacy of an exotic plant invasion. Plant Ecology 213:1869-1882.