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Terrestrial ecosystems, Tree physiology, Isotopes Jim.Le.Moine@nau.edu

    Jim manages the labs for Professor Mariah Carbone and Professor Andrew Richardson. His research interests include terrestrial ecosystem science and global change; terrestrial carbon, nitrogen, and mercury cycling; biosphere-atmosphere interactions; phenology; forest ecology and management; tree physiology; and the use of using isotopes (especially 13C, 14C, and 15N) to understand biogeochemical cycling.

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    Selected Publications:

    D Zheng, J Rademacher, J Chen, T Crow, M Bresee, J Le Moine, SR Ryu. 2004. Estimating aboveground biomass using Landsat 7 ETM+ data across a managed landscape in northern Wisconsin, USA. Remote sensing of environment 93 (3), 402-411.

    LE Nave, CM Gough, KD Maurer, G Bohrer, BS Hardiman, J Le Moine, et al. 2011. Disturbance and the resilience of coupled carbon and nitrogen cycling in a north temperate forest. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 116 (G4).

    S Ma, J Chen, M North, HE Erickson, M Bresee, J Le Moine. 2004. Short-term effects of experimental burning and thinning on soil respiration in an old-growth, mixed-conifer forest.Environmental Management 33 (1), S148-S159.

    JM Crumsey, JM Le Moine, Y Capowiez, MM Goodsitt, SC Larson, et al. 2013. Community‐specific impacts of exotic earthworm invasions on soil carbon dynamics in a sandy temperate forest. Ecology 94 (12), 2827-2837