Jamie BrownResearch Scientist

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Portrait of Jamie Brown with hot springs in the background
Production and consumption of greenhouse gases by microorganisms Jamie.Brown@nau.edu

    Brown’s research focuses on predicting feedbacks to global change through the production and consumption of the greenhouse gasses CO2, CH4, and N2O by microorganisms across multiple ecosystems. Brown has also participated in research into carbon and nitrogen cycling by microorganisms in geothermal springs through stable isotope probing.

    Brown hopes to contribute to the understanding of dynamic microbial processes through the development of innovative in-situ measuring techniques.

    Selected Publications

    Jamie R Brown, Joseph C Blankinship, Audrey Niboyet, Kees Jan van Groenigen, Paul Dijkstra, Xavier Le Roux, Paul W Leadley, Bruce A Hungate: Effects of Multiple Global Change Treatments on Soil N2O Fluxes. Biogeochemistry 01/2012; 109:85-100.

    BP Hedlund, AI McDonald, J Lam, JA Dodsworth, JR Brown, BA Hungate: Potential role of Thermus thermophilus and T. oshimai in high rates of nitrous oxide (N2O) production in 80