Haydee HamptonNASA Space and Earth Science Fellow Research Associate, Biology, Graduate Student

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Portrait of Haydee Hampton
Global change, Microbial ecology Haydee.Hampton@nau.edu

    Hampton’s research focuses on the ecology and management of global change, and microbial ecology from humans to the globe. Her research occurs in woodlands and forests in the temperate zone.

    Through applied research, Hampton hopes to contribute to improvements in ecosystem health and efforts to mitigate global climate change.

    Current Projects
    • Climate forcing implications of southwestern ponderosa pine management
    • Mapping ponderosa pine aboveground biomass using lidar
    Selected Publications

    Hampton, HM., SE Sesnie, JD Bailey and GB Snider, 2011. Estimating regional wood supply based on stakeholder consensus for forest restoration in northern Arizona. Journal of Forestry. 109(1), 15-26

    Hungate BA, Hampton HM, 2012. Valuing ecosystems for climate. Nature Climate Change 2, 151–152 doi:10.1038/nclimate1398

    Hampton, HM, EN Aumack, JW Prather, BG Dickson, Y Xu, and TD Sisk. 2006. Development and transfer of spatial tools based on landscape ecology principles: supporting public participation in forest restoration planning in the southwestern U.S. Pages 65-95 in A. Perera, L. Buse, and T. Crow, eds., Forest landscape ecology: transferring knowledge to practice. Springer, New York, NY, USA

    Xu, Y, JW Prather, HM Hampton, BG Dickson, J Palumbo, and TD Sisk. 2007. Effects of mismatches of scale and location between ground data and remote sensing imagery on forest structure mapping. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 72, 31-38

    Hampton, HM, EN Aumack, JW Prather, Y Xu, BG Dickson, and TD Sisk. 2005. Demonstration and test of a spatial decision support system for forest restoration. Pp. 47-65 in The Colorado Plateau II: Biophysical, Socioeconomic, and Cultural Research(C Van Riper and DJ Mattson, eds.). University of Arizona Press, Tucson