Guopeng LiangGraduate Student

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Global change ecology, Ecosystem modelling Dr. Yiqi Luo
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Guopeng’s graduate work involves exploring the response of carbon cycle to altered precipitation amount and interannual variation in desert grassland using model method. Altered amounts and increased interannual variation of precipitation are likely to occur on a regional to global scale in the late 21st Century, yet understanding the interactive effects of these changes on ecosystem processes is limited. He will model the responses of the carbon cycle in a desert grassland at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge (SEV) to changes in precipitation amount and interannual variation using the Terrestrial Ecosystem model.

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Selected Publications

Liang G, Houssou AA, Wu H, Cai D, Wu X, Gao L (2015) Seasonal Patterns of Soil Respiration and Related Soil Biochemical Properties under Nitrogen Addition in Winter Wheat Field. PLoS ONE, 1–15.

Liang G, Wu H, Houssou AA et al. (2017) Soil respiration, glomalin content, and enzymatic activity response to straw application in a wheat-maize rotation system. Journal of Soils and Sediments.

Gao L, Becker E, Liang G et al. (2017) Effect of different tillage systems on aggregate structure and inner distribution of organic carbon. Geoderma, 288, 97–104.

Houssou AA, Liang G, Gao L et al. (2016) Effect of conservation tillage on soil respiration rate and water content under wheat/maize system in North China Plain. Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management, 7, 10–22.