Enqing HouPostdoctoral Scientist

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Soil phosphorus dynamics and availability, Nutrient stoichiometry, Forest ecosystem, Climate enqing.hou@nau.edu
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Phosphorus (P) is a major nutrient for plant growth. And P in soil is mainly derived from parent rock. Phosphorus links the biotic and the abiotic worlds and plays an important role in many ecosystem functions and processes. Dr. Hou has a broad interest in terrestrial P cycle and how it will response to global changes and mediate global change effects on key ecosystem functions and processes.

Selected Publications

Enqing Hou, Chengrong Chen, Yuanwen Kuang, Yuguang Zhang, Marijke, Heenan, Dazhi Wen*. A structural equation model analysis of phosphorus transformations in global unfertilized and uncultivated soils. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2016, 30: 1300-1309.

Xianjin He#, Enqing Hou#, Yang Liu, Dazhi Wen*. Altitudinal patterns and controls of plant and soil nutrient concentrations and stoichiometry in subtropical China. Scientific Reports, 2016, 6:24261.

Enqing Hou, Chengrong Chen*, Dazhi Wen*, Xian Liu. Phosphatase activity in relation to key litter and soil properties in mature subtropical forests in China. Science of the Total Environment, 2015, 515–516: 83–91.

Enqing Hou, Chengrong Chen, Dazhi Wen, Xian Liu. Relationships of phosphorus fractions to organic carbon content in surface soils in mature subtropical forests in Dinghushan, China. Soil Research, 2014, 52(1): 55-63.

Enqing Hou, Chengrong Chen*, Megan E McGroddy, Dazhi Wen*. Nutrient limitation on ecosystem productivity and processes of mature and old-growth forests in subtropical China. PLOS One, 2012, 7(12): e52071.