Ember MorrisseyAssistant Professor of Environmental Microbiology

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Ember Morrissey, Ecoss Postdoctoral Scholar, Wins Microbiology Award
West Virginia University ember.morrissey@mail.wvu.edu
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Morrissey’s research focuses on the microbial ecology underlying biogeochemical processes of interest to society. Her work ranges from studying techniques to ameliorate nitrogen pollution to predicting the consequences of climate change associated sea-level rise.

Morrissey aims to engage in research that both expands society’s theoretical understanding of how ecosystems function and provides concrete information applicable to solving environmental problems.

Current Project

Connecting phylogeny with function in microbial carbon and nitrogen cycling

Selected Publications

Morrissey EM, Gillespie JL, Morina JC, Franklin RB (2014) Salinity affects microbial activity and soil organic matter content in tidal wetlands. Global Change Biology.

Morrissey EM, Berrier DJ, Neubauer SC, Franklin RB (2013) Using microbial communities and extracellular enzymes to link soil organic matter characteristics to greenhouse gas production in a tidal freshwater wetland. Biogeochemistry. DOI: 10.1007/s10533-013-9894-5.

Morrissey EM, Jenkins AS, Brown BL, Franklin RB (2013) Resource availability effects on nitrate-reducing microbial communities in a freshwater wetland. Wetlands. 33:301-310