Elaine Furlan PegoraroGraduate Student

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Portrait of Elaine Pegoraro
Permafrost soils in tundra ecosystems, Carbon cycle responses to warming temperatures efp23@nau.edu Dr. Ted Schuur

    Pegoraro’s research interests are aimed at understanding and quantifying carbon cycle responses to warming temperatures and its potential positive feedback on climate change. Her research is focused on permafrost soils in tundra ecosystems.

    She would like to disseminate scientific knowledge to a general audience. Pegoraro plans to bridge that gap through outreach programs that strive to educate the public by revising misconceptions that are formed when inconsistent information is presented through the media. She is interested in working to convey the complexity of climate science and to mitigate anthropogenic contributions to global environmental change.

    Current Projects

    Incubation study on priming-induced changes in permafrost soil organic matter decomposition

    Selected Publication

    E. Pegoraro and Hicks, C.E.H. Decay in the Alaskan tundra: the effects of initial litter quality and leaching on long-term plant decomposition. 2013. University of Florida Journal of Undergraduate Research 14 (2).

    Full Curriculum Vitae