Drew Peltier

Drew PeltierPostdoctoral Scientist

January 3, 2020
Dendroecology, Drought legacies, Radiocarbon, Non-structural carbohydrates, Hierarchical Bayesian statistics
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Trees are uniquely long lived, and so their responses to the environment integrate climate across multiple time scales. Peltier uses tree rings to ask questions about tree physiology over longer time scales, and how that physiology is altered by global change drivers, particularly drought. Peltier’s research 1) quantifies global change impacts upon the memory of tree growth in the West, such as drought legacies, and 2) investigates the mechanisms of those impacts, using carbohydrates, radiocarbon, wood density, and novel statistical and quantitative approaches.

Full Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

Peltier DMP, Ogle K (2019) Legacies of more frequent drought in ponderosa pine across the western United States. Global Change Biology 25: 3803-3816.

Ogle K, Peltier DMP, Fell M, Guo J, Kropp H, and Barber JJ. 2019. Should we be concerned about multiple comparisons in hierarchical Bayesian models? Methods in Ecology and Evolution 10: 553-564.

Peltier DMP, Ogle K (2019) Legacies of La Niña: North American monsoon can rescue trees from winter drought. Global Change Biology 25: 121-133.

Peltier DMP, Barber JJ, Ogle K (2019) Quantifying antecedent climatic drivers of tree growth in the Southwestern US. Journal of Ecology 106: 613-624.

Peltier DMP, Fell M, and Ogle K (2016) Legacy effects of drought in the southwestern United States: A multi-species synthesis. Ecological Monographs 86: 312-326.