Dishant PatelPostdoctoral Scientist

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Environmental microbiology, Microbial genomics, Metagenomics, Bio-electrochemical systems

Research area of Dishant revolves around environmental microbiology, microbial genomics and metagenomics. His previous research work uncovered the complexity of enriched bacterial community to devise self-sustainable bio-electrochemical systems for textile wastewater bioremediation. Now in Navarro lab, he investigates the trophic interactions between bacteria and protists and the impact of these associations on the soil carbon formation. 

Selected Publications
  1. Patel, D., Patil K. S., Madamwar, D., and Desai, C. (2022). Electrogenic degradation of Reactive Red 152 dye by Niallia circulans DC10 and its genome sequence analysis reveals genes mediating dye degradation and anodic electron transfer. Journal of Water Process Engineering. 47, 102690. 
  2. Patel, D., Bapodra, S. L., Madamwar, D., Desai, C. (2021). Electroactive bacterial community augmentation enhances the performance of a pilot scale constructed wetland microbial fuel cell for treatment of textile dye wastewater. Bioresource Technology, 332, 125088.
  3. Patel, D., Johnson, J., Madamwar, D., Desai, C. (2023). Bioelectrochemical systems for the treatment of textile dye wastewaters. In Current Developments in Bioengineering and Biotechnology (pp. 649-678). Elsevier.