Darby BerglGraduate Student

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Terrestrial ecosystem C cycling, 14C, Biogeochemical cycles ddb348@nau.edu
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Darby’s research focuses on the interactions between the climate system and soil biogeochemistry in terrestrial ecosystems. She is interested in utilizing radiocarbon techniques and modeling approaches to comprehend how C cycling, turnover, and storage will change over time and how this relates to the global C cycle. During her doctoral studies, she will quantify changes in northern hardwood forest carbon pools and carbon storage over the past four decades. She will use radiocarbon, PnET biogeochemical models, and three-pool carbon models to quantify the dynamics of carbon pools and to predict their future fate under global change. She plans to use the findings of her research to participate in round-table discussions about the carbon budget in northern hardwood forests with stakeholders, policy advisers, and community members.

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