Charles TruettnerPostdoctoral Scientist

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Wildfires, Isotope geochemistry, Dendroecology
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Truettner is studying how wildfires affect the carbon cycle in Alaskan boreal forests using measurements from soils, tree rings, and forest stand demographics in reburned areas to further understand how these landscapes are turning from an atmospheric carbon-sink ecosystem to a source. Isotope dendrochronology is another passion and was the primary focus of his dissertation research.

Full Curriculum Vitae
Selected Publications
  1. Truettner, S. Poulson, E. Ziaco, and A. Csank. Subseasonal Ponderosa Pine Radial Growth Response to Warm-Season Precipitation amid Drought in Southern Nevada. In Revision. Tree Physiology
  2. Truettner, C., W.R.L. Anderegg. F. Biondi, G.W. Koch, K. Ogle, C. Schwalm, M.E. Litvak, J.D. Shaw, and E. Ziaco. 2018. Conifer radial growth response to recent warming and drought from the southwestern USA. Forest Ecology and Management 418: 55-62.
  3. Ziaco, E., C. Truettner, F. Biondi, S. Bullock. 2018. Moisture-driven xylogenesis in Pinus ponderosa from a Mojave Desert mountain reveals high phenological plasticity. Plant, Cells, & Environment 41(4): 823-826.
  4. Truettner, C., M.D. Dettinger, E. Ziaco, and F. Biondi. Seasonal Analysis of the 2011-2017 North American Monsoon near its Northwest Boundary. Atmosphere 10(420).
  5. Speer, J.H., S.K. Shah, C. Truettner, A. Pacheco, M.F. Bekker, D. Dukpa, E.R. Cook, and K. Tenzin. 2019. Flood history and river flow variability recorded in tree rings on the Dhur River, Bhutan. Dendrochronologia 56.