NAU expert Ted Schuur comments on recent study on permafrost loss

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field studied for permafrost loss by schuur

Permafrost landscape, Yamal peninsula, Northwest Siberia (credit C. Schädel)

Edward A. G. Schuur, a permafrost expert at Northern Arizona University, said the study was “an important and interesting calculation of where permafrost will be at some distant point in the future as we undergo climate warming.”

“What’s really important is this is based on totally different assumptions,” Dr. Schuur said. “It’s useful because it gives us a different perspective.”

Dr. Chadburn said her study did not delve into the details of how different permafrost areas might be affected. Dr. Schuur said that as the planet warms, more southerly regions, where the permafrost occurs in discontinuous patches, would be expected to thaw first.

But there will still be changes even in areas of extensive permafrost in the far north, Dr. Schuur said. “There will be surface changes that affect everyone who lives there,” he said. “I don’t think there’s any place in the permafrost zone that’s remote enough to escape changes.”

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