Ecoss Researcher Christina Schädel explains what 1.5°C warming means for Arizona

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Schädel carbon cycle

Ecoss Assistant Research Professor Christina Schädel talks to KNAU and explains what the latest IPCC Special Report on 1.5° warming means for Arizona. Schädel was a contributing author to the report.

Short excerpt from the interview:

KNAU: What kind of changes are we seeing from climate change here in Arizona?

Schädel: Imagine if we have any more days in Phoenix for example where temperatures go above 100 degrees F, and there will be even more when it goes above 115. So we have this already now sometimes in the summer, and it’s not pleasant, and if we have even more, you have skyrocketing air conditioning costs, for example. Another aspect is that the water supply in Arizona is going to change drastically and it’s going to become very unreliable….. Every place will see some form of climate change. It will not be the same in every location, but there is literally no one who will not be affected by climate change.

Listen to the full interview here