The Ascent of Sap Rap

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leaf still from ascent of sap rap video

The latest Ecoss artistic product, “The Ascent of Sap Rap”, by George Koch and students from his “Plants and Climate” class. View the full video here.

See lyrics below:

For plants on terra firma it’s a struggle to stay wet
We’ve talked a bit about it, but you may not get it yet.

Transport in the xylem is because of upward tension
caused by capillary forces in the leaves, did I mention?

The liquid water’s drawn into tiny cell wall spaces
and pulls on the water column like you do with your shoe laces.

If it’s dry things get tense, the plant must close its stoma,
‘else the water column breaks and sends the leaves into a coma.

But protection from this fate, slams a door, shuts a gate
So carbon gas, it cannot pass, barred from making sweet synthate

It’s a tradeoff for land plants as old as the Devonian,
To prevent hydraulic failure, a response that seems draconian

But the beauty of it all is what keeps me howling PLEASE
Get me out of this dim building and back into the TREES!


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