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The Ecoss Travel and Research Awards Program (TRAP) now includes two distinct categories: travel and research. Travel awards are designed to advance the applicant’s professional development by enabling activities such as attending a scientific meeting, visiting a lab for specialized training, collaborating on proposal development, or traveling to a research […]

Novel bacterial lineages associated with boreal moss species

Mosses are critical components of boreal ecosystems where they typically account for a large proportion of net primary productivity and harbour diverse bacterial communities that can be the major source of biologically-fixed nitrogen in these ecosystems. Despite their ecological importance, we have limited understanding of how microbial communities vary across […]

leaf still from ascent of sap rap video

The Ascent of Sap Rap

The latest Ecoss artistic product, “The Ascent of Sap Rap”, by George Koch and students from his “Plants and Climate” class. View the full video here. See lyrics below: For plants on terra firma it’s a struggle to stay wet We’ve talked a bit about it, but you may not […]

Evapotranspiration comparisons between eddy covariance measurements and meteorological and remote-sensing-based models in disturbed ponderosa pine forests

Evapotranspiration (ET) comprises a major portion of the water budget in forests, yet few studies have measured or estimated ET in semi-arid, high-elevation ponderosa pine forests of the south-western USA or have investigated the capacity of models to predict ET in disturbed forests. We measured actual ET with the eddy […]

Detail of Yellow Fremont Cottonwood Leaves in Autumn Stream

Leaf Litter Effects on Stream Ecosystems

As part of a large interdisciplinary team, with funding from the National Science Foundation, we have studied how genetic and environmental factors affect leaf litter quality in cottonwoods and other riparian species, and how these effects are manifest in aquatic ecosystems.