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Later springs green-up faster: The relation between onset and completion of green-up in deciduous forests of North America

In deciduous forests, spring leaf phenology controls the onset of numerous ecosystem functions. While most studies have focused on a single annual spring event, such as budburst, ecosystem functions like photosynthesis and transpiration increase gradually after budburst, as leaves grow to their mature size. Here, we examine the “velocity of […]

Importance of tree- and species-level interactions with wildfire, climate, and soils in interior Alaska: Implications for forest change under a warming climate

The boreal zone of Alaska is dominated by interactions between disturbances, vegetation, and soils. These interactions are likely to change in the future through increasing permafrost thaw, more frequent and intense wildfires, and vegetation change from drought and competition. We utilize an individual tree-based vegetation model, the University of Virginia […]

Data-driven ENZYme (DENZY) model represents soil organic carbon dynamics in forests impacted by nitrogen deposition

Soil microorganisms participate in almost all soil organic carbon (SOC) transformations, but they are not represented explicitly in the current generation of earth system models. This study used a data-driven approach to incorporate extracellular enzyme activity into the Terrestrial ECOsystem (TECO) model, and the updated version was named the Data-driven […]

Impacts of climate and insect herbivory on productivity and physiology of trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides) in Alaskan boreal forests

Climate change is impacting forested ecosystems worldwide, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere where warming has increased at a faster rate than the rest of the globe. As climate warms, trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides) is expected to become more successful in northern boreal forests because of its current presence in drier […]