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Drainage enhances modern soil carbon contribution but reduces old soil carbon contribution to ecosystem respiration in tundra ecosystems

Warming temperatures are likely to accelerate permafrost thaw in the Arctic, potentially leading to the release of old carbon previously stored in deep frozen soil layers. Deeper thaw depths in combination with geomorphological changes due to the loss of ice structures in permafrost, may modify soil water distribution, creating wetter […]

Transient traceability analysis of land carbon storage dynamics: Procedures and its application to two forest ecosystems

Uptake of anthropogenically emitted carbon (C) dioxide by terrestrial ecosystem is critical for determining future climate. However, Earth system models project large uncertainties in future C storage. To help identify sources of uncertainties in model predictions, this study develops a transient traceability framework to trace components of C storage dynamics. […]

Multiple-Element Isotope Probes, NanoSIMS, and the Functional Genomics of Microbial Carbon Cycling in Soils in Response to Chronic Climatic Change

For the past several decades, connecting biogeochemistry and microbial genomics has been a high priority in microbial ecology. Yet, techniques that actually link element flow and genomic information are scarce. In this project, we are using the Chip-SIP method to measure isotopic composition of major elements (C, N, H, and […]