Ted Schuur

Ted SchuurProfessor of Ecosystem Ecology

June 8, 2015
Portrait of Ted Schuur
Feedback from terrestrial ecosystems to climate change, Arctic ecosystems
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Understanding feedbacks from terrestrial ecosystems to climate change is Schuur’s main research interest. He focuses on the response of Arctic ecosystems in a warmer world, which is key for understanding how natural ecosystems interact with human emissions to control the overall pace of climate change.

Dr. Schuur spends the summer in Alaska living in a log cabin and conducting research, surrounded by wild places under the midnight sun. What brings him here is the potential for this remote place to have an outsized influence on the shape of the future world.

In the Arctic, temperatures are rising fast as a result of burning fossil fuels and deforestation elsewhere on Earth. Warmer temperatures means that things that are normally frozen start defrosting. This includes frozen ground that contains vast quantities of organic carbon

More details can be found on the Schuur lab website

Dr. Schuur is the Principal Investigator of the following projects:

Carbon in Permafrost Experimental Heating Project

Permafrost Thaw Gradient

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