Rebecca Mau

Rebecca MauResearch Associate

May 20, 2015
Portrait of Rebecca Mau

Mau’s interests include understanding how microbial communities influence terrestrial ecosystem functioning, with an emphasis on global change. With the development and use of newer molecular methods in microbial ecology, such as pyrosequencing and stable isotope probing, it is becoming possible to better link below- and aboveground processes.

By studying belowground community dynamics she hopes to contribute to a better understanding of how soils function, ultimately leading to improved modeling of these complex systems.

Current Projects
  • Investigating Changing Soil Organic Matter Dynamics in Response to Substrate Additions Using a Novel Dual-Stable Isotope Probing (SIP) Technique
  • Understanding Soil Carbon Decomposition Dynamics in 4 Ecosystems Along an Elevation Gradient in Response to Warming and Substrate Additions
Selected Publications

Maestre, F. T., J. L. Quero, N. J. Gotelli, A. Escudero, V. Ochoa, M. Delgado-Baquerizo, M. García-Gómez, M.A. Bowker, S. Soliveres, C. Escolar, P. García-Palacios, M. Berdugo, E. Valencia, B. Gozalo, A. Gallardo, L. Aguilera, T. Arredondo, J. Blones, B. Boeken, D. Bran, A.A. Conceição, O. Cabrera, M. Chaieb, M. Derak, D.J. Eldridge, C.I. Espinosa, A. Florentino, J. Gaitán, M.G. Gatica, W. Ghiloufi, S. Gómez-González, J.R. Gutiérrez, R.M. Hernández, X. Huang, E. Huber-Sannwald, M. Jankju, M. Miriti, J. Monerris, R.L. Mau, E. Morici, K. Naseri, A. Ospina, V. Polo, A. Prina, E. Pucheta, D.A. Ramírez-Collantes, R. Romão, M. Tighe, C. Torres-Díaz, J.Val, J.P. Veiga, D. Wang, E. Zaady (2012) Plant Species Richness and Ecosystem Multifunctionality in Global Drylands. Science 335: 214-218

Bowker, M.A., R.L. Mau, F.T. Maestre, C. Escolar, A.P. Castillo-Monroy (2011) Functional Profiles Reveal Unique Ecological Roles of Various Biological Soil Crust Organisms. Functional Ecology 25 doi:10.1111/j.1365-2435.2011.01835.x