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Hungate Science on Tap flyer

Bruce Hungate, Ecoss Director, Regents' Professor, and McAllister Chair in Community, Culture, and Environment is presenting in Science on Tap...
science on tap poster with bruce hungate

On January 5th, Bruce Hungate presented at Science on Tap at the Green Room, Flagstaff. Featuring an update on the...
Watercolor of Prague

Bruce Hungate, Director of Ecoss gave the keynote address to the Goldschmidt Conference in Prague this week for the session,...
Portrait of Bruce Hungate

Research Interests Hungate’s research focuses on the ecology and management of global change, and microbial ecology from humans to the...
cindy liu headshot

Research Interests Cindy M. Liu, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D., is Chief Medical Officer of Antibiotic Resistance Action Center and an Assistant...
lance price headshot

Research Interests Lance Price is a Professor at the George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health in Washington...
fossil creek stream restoration

Fossil Creek Restoration Fossil Creek, Paul S. Hamilton Can we restore a river after a century of disturbance? Research in...
Artist rendition of wildfire changing the future ecosystem of a forested area

Artist rendition of wildfire changing the future ecosystem of a forested area. Copyright Victor Leshyk Overview Fire, a natural ecological...
leshyk illustration linking biogeochemistry

Overview The identities of organisms profoundly influence ecosystems, and microbial diversity is vast. The obvious disconnect between this diversity and...
field and mountain in arizona

Overview Using a technique called data-assimilation, we can inform existing ecosystem models with measurements from field experiments. In combination with meta-analysis,...
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