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New ECOSS study suggests phosphorus matters everywhere

New research from Northern Arizona University researchers challenges long-held assumptions that phosphorus limits aboveground plant growth mainly in tropical regions but not others. The paper, published this week in Nature Communications, suggests that this important nutrient actually helps govern plant production in temperate regions, too, and on every continent except […]


The Ecoss Travel and Research Awards Program (TRAP) now includes two distinct categories: travel and research. Travel awards are designed to advance the applicant’s professional development by enabling activities such as attending a scientific meeting, visiting a lab for specialized training, collaborating on proposal development, or traveling to a research […]

Divergent responses of ecosystem respiration components to livestock exclusion on the Quighai Tibetan Plateau

Grazing exclusion (GE) is an effective method for protecting degraded grasslands, and it can profoundly affect ecosystem carbon (C) cycles. Ecosystem respiration (ER), which includes both autotrophic and heterotrophic respiration (HR), accounts for the largest land-to-atmosphere C fluxes. How ER responds to GE is still unclear, however, and to investigate […]