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ECOSS professor Yiqi Luo selected as ESA fellow

The Ecological Society of America (ESA) has elected Northern Arizona University biological sciences professor Yiqi Luo as a 2018 fellow.  Fellows are members of the ESA who have influenced a variety of fields, including advancement or application of ecological knowledge in academics, government, non-profit organizations and the broader society. Luo was recognized for his fundamental contributions in understanding ecosystem dynamics in response to global change and theory development in terrestrial […]


New ECOSS study suggests phosphorus matters everywhere

New research from Northern Arizona University researchers challenges long-held assumptions that phosphorus limits aboveground plant growth mainly in tropical regions but not others. The paper, published this week in Nature Communications, suggests that this important nutrient actually helps govern plant production in temperate regions, too, and on every continent except […]

Luo C model course 2019

Carbon cycle modeling taught by Ecoss

Much of what we know about where carbon will be on the globe in 12, 25 or 100 years is due to innovative predictive modeling tools like the ones researcher Yiqi Luo develops at Northern Arizona University’s Center for Ecosystem Science and Society (Ecoss). The short course taught by Luo […]

Highly cited researchers at Ecoss

Ecoss’s Yiqi Luo and Andrew Richardson and Ecoss affiliate Greg Caporaso (Pathogen and Microbiome Institute) have been named as ‘Highly Cited Researchers’ in 2018 by Clarivate Analytics. The list, drawn from the top 1% of scientific citations over the last decade, offers a benchmark of researchers’ influence within and across 21 scientific fields. Richardson […]

Importance of lateral flux and its percolation depth on organic carbon export in Arctic tundra soil: Implications from a soil leaching experiment

Temperature rise in the Arctic is causing deepening of active layers and resulting in the mobilization of deep permafrost dissolved organic matter (DOM). However, the mechanisms of DOM mobilization from Arctic soils, especially upper soil horizons which are drained most frequently through a year, are poorly understood. Here we conducted […]