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The inhibitory effects of nitrogen deposition on asymbiotic nitrogen fixation are divergent between a tropical and a temperate forest

Asymbiotic nitrogen (N) fixation (ANF) is an important source of N in pristine forests and is predicted to decrease with N deposition. Previous studies revealing N fixation in response to N deposition have mostly applied understory N addition approaches, neglecting the key processes (for example, N retention and uptake) occurring […]

Integrating camera imagery, crowdsourcing, and deep learning to improve high-frequency automated monitoring of snow at continental-to-global scales

Snow is important for local to global climate and surface hydrology, but spatial and temporal heterogeneity in the extent of snow cover make accurate, fine-scale mapping and monitoring of snow an enormous challenge. We took 184,453 daily near-surface images acquired by 133 automated cameras and processed them using crowdsourcing and […]

Spatiotemporal sensitivity of thermal stress for monitoring canopy hydrological stress in near real-time

Monitoring drought in real-time using minimal field data is a challenge for ecosystem management and conservation. Most methods require extensive data collection and in-situ calibration and accuracy is difficult to evaluate. Here, we demonstrated how the space-borne canopy “thermal stress”, defined as surface-air temperature difference, provides a reliable surrogate for […]

Riparian Vegetation and Water Quality Monitoring: Middle Fossil Creek Riparian Habitat Protection and Restoration Project Final Report: Monitoring Data and Analysis, 2010-2014 (Task 4) Revised Final

The objective of the Fossil Creek Riparian Vegetation, Water Quality and Visitor Use Monitoring Plan (NAU 2010) is to determine the effectiveness of the Middle Fossil Creek Riparian Habitat Protection and Restoration Project. This final report discusses the results of riparian vegetation and water quality monitoring conducted twice each year […]