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Spatiotemporal sensitivity of thermal stress for monitoring canopy hydrological stress in near real-time

Monitoring drought in real-time using minimal field data is a challenge for ecosystem management and conservation. Most methods require extensive data collection and in-situ calibration and accuracy is difficult to evaluate. Here, we demonstrated how the space-borne canopy “thermal stress”, defined as surface-air temperature difference, provides a reliable surrogate for […]


The Ecoss Travel and Research Awards Program (TRAP) now includes two distinct categories: travel and research. Travel awards are designed to advance the applicant’s professional development by enabling activities such as attending a scientific meeting, visiting a lab for specialized training, collaborating on proposal development, or traveling to a research […]

Global patterns of drought recovery

Drought, a recurring phenomenon with major impacts on both human and natural systems, is the most widespread climatic extreme that negatively affects the land carbon sink. Although twentieth-century trends in drought regimes are ambiguous across many regions more frequent and severe droughts are expected in the twenty-first century. Recovery time—how […]