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Contrasting changes in gross primary productivity of different regions of North America as affected by warming in recent decades

Ecosystem responses to the increasing warming in recent decades across North America (NA) are spatially heterogeneous and partly uncertain. Here we examined the spatial and temporal variability of warming across different eco-regions of NA using long-term (1979–2010) climate data (North America Regional Reanalysis (NARR)) with 3-hourly time-step and 0.25° × 0.25° spatial […]

Elevated CO2 and nutrient addition after soil N cycling and N trace gas fluxes with early season wet-up in a California annual grassland

We examined the effects of growth carbon dioxide (CO2)concentration and soil nutrient availability on nitrogen (N)transformations and N trace gas fluxes in California grasslandmicrocosms during early-season wet-up, a time when rates of Ntransformation and N trace gas flux are high. After plant senescenceand summer drought, we simulated the first fall […]

Global change, nitrification, and denitrification: a review

[1] We reviewed responses of nitrification, denitrification, and soil N2O efflux to elevated CO2, N availability, and temperature, based on published experimental results. We used meta-analysis to estimate the magnitude of response of soil N2O emissions, nitrifying enzyme activity (NEA), denitrifying enzyme activity (DEA), and net and gross nitrification across experiments. […]