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Straw incorporation influences soil organic carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emission, and crop yields in a Chinese rice (Oryza sativa L.) –wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cropping system

Crop straw management plays important roles in sustainable agriculture and environmental protection. Straw incorporation has multiple influences on soil organic carbon (SOC) sequestration, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and crop yields, but these influences have rarely been studied simultaneously in a single cropping system. This study was conducted to examine the […]

Later springs green-up faster: The relation between onset and completion of green-up in deciduous forests of North America

In deciduous forests, spring leaf phenology controls the onset of numerous ecosystem functions. While most studies have focused on a single annual spring event, such as budburst, ecosystem functions like photosynthesis and transpiration increase gradually after budburst, as leaves grow to their mature size. Here, we examine the “velocity of […]

On the relationship between continuous measures of canopy greenness derived using near-surface remote sensing and satellite-derived vegetation products

Over the last two decades, satellite-derived estimates of biophysical variables have been increasingly used in operational services, requiring quantification of their accuracy and uncertainty. Evaluating satellite-derived vegetation products is challenging due to their moderate spatial resolution, the heterogeneity of the terrestrial landscape, and difficulties in adequately characterising spatial and temporal […]